The real Tarzan of Africa and beyond the myth of the story

tarzan online slot game for mobile and laptop playFor more than a century, the character of Tarzan has captivated audiences through print, radio, TV and film since Edgar Rice Burroughs first penned the wild man’s adventures in 1912. However, even the character’s biggest fans must admit that ol’ Tarzan, a.k.a. Viscount Greystoke, just isn’t dating well. In the 21st century, certain attitudes contemporary to the 19th century feel ever further removed from our reality and each iteration of Tarzan must take greater pains to make certain aspects of old-school colonization more palatable…

What is the origin story of Tarzan?

As with any superhero-like figure, viewing any movie version of Tarzan is certain to give you the origina story. Born of landed gentry, the baby John Clayton is orphaned in a jungle near some region of coastal Africa. After the melodramatic death of John’s father – murdered by a killer great ape, don’tcha know – the baby is adopted by the a nearby tribe of the “Mangani” species.

Years later, the boy given the “ape name” Tarzan experiences a loin-tingling feeling for apparently the first time ever when a shipwreck maroons one Jane Porter and her party. Tarzan like Jane – um, that is, Tarzan *likes* Jane and the two are soon having a romantic dalliance amongst the tsetse flies. Burroughs’s books have the couple bouncing about a bit between England and Africa, but ultimately the pair establish a palatial estate – oh yes, they do – in “Africa” to watch over the jungles.

Most plotlines of subsequent adventures starring Tarzan and Jane – and later, their son – featured surprisingly advanced civilizations hidden within the jungle from prying Western eyes.

Even beyond certain subtle racism, isn’t the Tarzan story full of holes?

the legend of tarzan slots gameWhen examined critically, the Tarzan story is chock full of holes one could lead an elephant caravan through. While the trope of the feral child is common in fiction, it never ceases to amaze how human such feral children become after 18 years among animals.

Another item that makes utterly no sense is Tarzan’s name itself. Who exactly named him such? The talking animals of The Jungle Book do not inhabit the Tarzan universe, so one wonders how this lad came upon the name in the first place. And the fact that Tarzan and Jane named their child Korak adds further to the confusion: We’re told that this “ape name” translates as “Killer,” but who exactly, you know, *speaks* this “ape language” to thusly give such names to humans who happen to be abandones.

Of course, once Burroughs hits his “jungle civilization” phase of the book series, all credibility is thorwn out the window and a story of the “white man’s burden” breaks through science fiction at warp speed and lands squarely in science-fiction. Even if such technologically-advanced civilizations were living in the midst of the African jungle, wouldn’t the people of said land need to get, likesay, metal from the outside world? If not, wouldn’t mining and smelting activities kinda tip off the neighbors

How much of the material on Tarzan in Africa is considered canon?

Just in case any modern fan cares about the continuity and canon of the Tarzan story, the answer to what is canon/what is not question is simple: The only canonical bits of the Tarzan series are those contained within the 25 Tarzan novels written by Burroughs. All radio, movies, TV, comic books, etc., should be considered as either adaptations or “what if” stories outside proper continuity.

How many Tarzan movies have been made?

the legend of tarzan movie on dvd and bluerayBelieve it or not, some 40 movies have been based on the Tarzan character. And if you’ve seen them all, you watch way too many movies. Some eight serial- and feature-length silent movies bearing the name Tarzan were released between 1918 and ‘29. These cashed in wonderfully on the character featuring in 25 best-sellers written by Burroughs beginning in 1914.

In 1932, decorated US Olympic swimmer Jonny Weissmuller played the role and lasted 12 films. No wonder: Dude was ripped. From 1949 to ’70, an incredible 18 films with vrious actors playing the lead role were produced, culminating in a pair of Tarzan flicks in 1970 starring Ron Ely. Ely had been the lead in NBC’s Tarzan TV series of 1966 to ’68.

The bombs came next. Tarzan, The Ape Man was released in 1981; this one made back its budget but was panned by critics. (Hell, with Bo Derek as Jane, who'd've expected more?) Having the direct opposite effect was Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984), a critical success but a head-shaker for audiences expecting quite a lot more action.

Clearly the most successful Tarzan in Africa pic since Weissmuller's heyday was Disney's animated take of 1999. This goofy cartoon proved about as successful as any in the post-Lion King era, grossing a ridiculous $448.2 million worldwide; two straight-to-video sequels followed.

Since then? Crickets, pretty much, and Legend of Tarzan may have sealed the fate of Tarzan in Africa movies even more thoroughly than Bo Derek’s cloying presence had: The 2016 made about $127 million in the U.S. on a $180 million budget; this certainly would seem to put a firm cap on the notion of another Tarzan movie blockbuster any time soon – or ever, for that matter.

Are there Tarzan slots games?

You bet your banana! In terms of “real-life” and online casinos, Australia-based slot machine manufacturing giants Aristocrat have essentially cornered the market on Tarzan-themed slots games. Since 2012, the company has released four titles – Tarzan of the Apes, Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle, Tarzan: The Legend Returns, and Tarzan – with all but the first available in online versions.

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