Safari online slot for free-fun play no download no deposit

safari slot game for both free and real money play onlineMagnet Gaming is a relatively smaller player in the online casino game software biz, but the slot game known simply as Safari is certainly a nice welcome to players and adds a few twists to the classic fruit machine subgenre. Right from the go, things in the Safari slot machine are a little different than the standard fare. The game board is the typical 3x3 grid, but this slot graphically drops each symbol into place rather than offer a visual representation of spinning reels. Though the “cascade” format has been a feature in some online slots since the days when Bejeweled on a cell phone was still thought to be cutting edge, this mode is rarely seen in a classic-style slot.

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The symbol set is pretty much what you’d expect from a slot named Safari: The big mammals seen on such a guided jaunt to Africa are all here, with lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, etc. The paytable for the base game also appears typical, with three of a kind on the payline paying out between 50x and 1000x the wager.

What are the payouts for Safari slot game online?

Incidentally, if those payouts on the paytable’s lower end seem well more lucrative than in the average fruit machine game to you, you’re absolutely correct. You’d also be dead on in surmising that the Safari slot is quite the low-variance game, i.e. fewer payouts but generally of much greater size, and so are advised to play this one patiently.

Distinguishing the Safari slot from its competition on the virtual casino floor most of all is the incredible range of seriously high-paying bonuses and bonus rounds. Four special symbols are included in Safari’s icon set; lining these up can win the player hundreds to thousands of coins.

In the “Photo Safari” bonus round, a free spin is awarded. One of the three symbols on the payline is taken off the board, the player is awarded coinage, and the symbol is replaced. Wins continue if a like symbol appears in the empty spot or if the payline makes a winning combination.

The “Treasure Hunt” and “Jewel of Africa” bonuses are essentially extended “pick ‘em” bonus rounds, but are outstanding in fun and engaging play. In Treasure Hunt, the player must guide the monkey from one end of a hex board to the other without getting penned in; each progressive step is worth at least 100 coins. In Jewel of Africa, a little dude in a car investigates the continent, searching for treasure. Roll the virtual dice to see where he goes – and what coins await in, say, Namibia.

Finally, the player may trip the “Game Flash” bonus. Line up three of these symbols for a random shot at one of the above bonus rounds or jackpots of 4,000 and 8,000 coins.

Safari slot: A lucrative way to explore the animals of Africa – slots-style!