Razortooth slot game with 243 ways to win and no download

razortooth slot game online for real money playThe draw of the Razortooth slots game brings to mind the Monty Python’s Flying Circus skit “Vocational Guidance Counselor” skit. A chartered accountant wishes to make a change to become a lion tamer, describing the beasts which with he plans to tangle as “brown furry things with short stumpy legs and great long noses. I don’t see what the fuss is about. I could tame one of those.” When confronted with a picture of an actual lion, the accountant withers instantly.

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So it is with the Razortooth slot: Why attempt to get up close and personal with a killing machine weighing hundreds of pounds of untamed muscle? The fearsome wildlife of the African savannah sure looks a lot less harmful within an online casino – plus it’s more fun and (hopefully) lucrative.

Razortooth’s symbol set is filled with colorfully, but not cartoonishly, rendered elephants, bears, tigers and the like – all fiercely glaring, as if daring you to win money on this slot. This serious-looking tall-ass bird is included in the menagerie as well, making us ask WTF? I mean, birds don’t have teeth, much less razorteeth…

No matter; give this slots game a few spins and you’ll not even notice the odd man out.

How many ways can you win on the Razortooth slot?

The Razortooth slot is a “243 Ways” game, meaning that any three like symbols landing in the left-most three reels is automatically a winning combination; this also implies a high-variance slot machine, which is the case with Razortooth. A range of wagers may be made, with set amounts running between 25¢ and $100 per spin.

Wilds are naturally included in the Razortooth slots game, but the “random wilds” feature certainly spices things up and increases payouts; up to three additional wilds may replace lower-paying symbols on the reels after any spin to help earn some winnings. Nice.

And as though things weren’t dangerous enough in the Razortooth slot (you know, in a ferocious anteater kind of way), keep a look out for the “Savage Wild Free Spins” bonus round. Launched by the traditional landing of three or more scatter symbols on a single spin, the Savage Wild round immediately awards five free spins. On each free spin, one or two “Savage Wild” symbols will appear and expand to fill its/their entire reel with wilds. Moreover, the free spins are retriggerable.

See? Staring down a many-toothed (or, we suppose, sharp-beaked) beastie isn’t so difficult; it can even be fun and lucrative! If you’re safely ensconced at home playing the Razortooth slot game online, that is.

The Razortooth slot game: Good, clean, safe fun set on the savannah of Africa.