African Slot games are all available for free play on mobile

african slot for mobile devices for on the go playWith just as much adventure you can get from going on safari in Africa (without spending insane amounts on air travel, hunting permits, and potential Greenpeace protesters), there is in fact a better way to hunt for the best of the big beasts when you’re on-the-go. Mobile gaming isn’t such a new concept, but it did take a decade for folks to see that smartphones offered a very new challenge to slot game enthusiasts who wanted to take the games outside- or in essence anywhere they like. While there are plenty of games to play on your mobile device, one question does come up more often than not. Do these slot games play well for touch screen phones?

The answer is simple without a doubt, as earlier online slot games didn’t support or even anticipate this feature. And yes, many online slot games feature upgraded programming which utilizes HTML5 to the fullest. 

This is a technology as old as smartphones and began to appear in 2008, just as the newest 2g phones were taking off.  A new replacement for flash driven software made it possible to play all those flash-driven games and could work in both iOS and Android model smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Can I play African slots on my mobile device?

With the advent of mobile gaming taking tilt around 2013, many online slot game developers such as Playtech and Microgaming had already seen the writing on the wall in early 2005 and began special user friendly versions for mobile users. Many of these new slot games were offered to mobile players originally through the Apple store in 2008, and in that same year “Android Market” aka Google Play was available for the Android smartphone owners alike. Apps are the hottest method of adding a mobile game onto your device.

For most of us who love the adventure theme, you can find some familiar African slots thrown in there as well. One excellent catch is the “African Safari Slot App” from Lucky Seven Gaming available from Google Play. This app is merely a slot game simulator and doesn’t actually win you actual cash wins, but it sure feels good to be a winner when you do play for fun.

Come and take a look at the fine selection of mobile slot games and mobile apps offered here at and see what kind of jungle king you can become when you play for fun or real wagered money bets.