Back to the age of Dinosaurs in Jurassic World free play slot

Love it, hate it or lukewarm about it (and most critical appraisal seems to fall in this last category), the Jurassic World movie was undeniably *big*. So, too, is the Jurassic World slot based on the 2015 movie. Released in June 2017, the Jurassic Park slot packs some fantastic bonus features in the classic style of its designers/developer at Microgaming: Just for starters, this “243 ways” game randomly (randomly!) awards up to 1,000x the total bet when “Indominus Rex” appears. Incidentally, this bonus-bestower really should have been the mosasaurus…

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How much can I bet in the Jurassic World slot?

super big wins with jurassic world real money slotAs a “243 Ways” slot game, i.e. one in which three like symbols landing anywhere within the first three reels assures a win, the betting in the Jurassic World slot is arbitrary. Here, wagers are based on increments of 30, as though paying for 30 paylines. Wagers of various amounts between 30¢ and $300 are possible in the basic version of the game.

This makes the max payout on that random Indominus bonus worth $300,000. In the free spins round, a prize of 14,000x (!) the “payline” bet is possible, for a single-spin max jackpot of $140,000. Pretty darn awesome, but not as awesome as the mosasaurus…

Are the dinosaurs and characters from Jurassic World movie in the slot?

Most of the key players are in the symbol set, with one notable omission. Among the dinosaurs populating the reels are the most popular among fandom: The T. rex, the raptors, the stegosaurus and the pterodactyl. Studly raptor tamer Chris Pratt (Hey, he’s Star Lord, dude!) and stubborn high-heels fetishist Bryce Howard are also here, as is the key mosquito-in-amber. But no mosasaurus…

Are there free spins in the Jurassic World slots game?

You bet your coprolites! In fact, this being a massive franchise title and this being Microgaming, the free spins feature is actually four features in one.

Land three scatters on a single spin to launch 10 free spins topped with a choice of bonus features: The “Gyrosphere Valley” (you know, where the idiot kids drive the bubble around unsupervised) round includes a trail feature which can increase bonus multipliers up to 7x; the “Creation Lab” feature includes “rolling reels”; the “Cryo Wilds<’ which includes sticky wilds which hold on the reels for three free spins at a time; and the “Raptor Den” converts scatters into wilds.

Sadly, the mosasaurus is nowhere to be seen in these bonus rounds, either…

What is your trip about the mosasaurus?

Glad you asked. Look, why do we love movies like Jurassic World so much? For the bloody huge beasts destroying stuff – and hopefully one another! That’s what we want: Great big beasts hitting each other!

As such, the greatest character in Jurassic World was hands down the mosasaurus. Raptors? Indominus rex? Tyrannosaurus rex? *Chris Pratt*? Don’t make me laugh. This DNA-manipulated badass makes three appearances in the film, is on screen for maybe 20 seconds total and yet gleefully moves the plot forward by giving us the only true shock-and-awe scene since the original Jurassic Park, enjoying an utterly irrelevant and annoying character as an appetizer, and concluding by munching on Indominus Rex’s head – saving the day without acknowledgement or reward, we might add.

Here’s to hoping the inevitable Jurassic World: Fallen World (2018) slot based on the next episode in the series, gets its mosasaurus on…