African political participants and the rest of the world

From constantly starving children to billions being offered for Africa's help, such news and their coverage is a common scenario when talking about this poor continent. However, in the chaos of all these reports, the analysis of the real background story is often missed. With minds betrothed in appraising the generous donor countries, we somehow neglect the factual picture.

How does African politics affect you?the african union and the politics of the continent

Over a long time now, Africa has been witnessing war and conflicts both internally and externally that has caused large-spread dislodging for millions of people. It has become hard for the people to earn their living, rest alone- the money for education and other extravagant amenities. If only you have closely observed the lives of Africans, you would notice that nine out of ten people do not lead a decent life. These problems are frequently covered and reported to the world. And it cannot be denied that the poverty-stricken and starving Africa has become an abode to terrorists and is forcing numbers of people to immigrate elsewhere. The political system of the country is also feeble and the continuous conflicts in their politics have only added to the misery of Africa.

All these problems have relatively grabbed the attention and indignation of the Western media. People concerned by this on-going plight have come forward to offer assistance with hopes to boom the ill-fated continent woes. Celebrities and well-known people like Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Madonna, and many more have shown their eagerness to lend a hand. Angelina Jolie is in-fact a UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) goodwill ambassador and has been raising money along with her husband, Brad Pitt, for helping the poor, the needy, and the disenfranchised.

The poor leadership of the country is not effective enough to prevent any of the issues that are occurring, and when these issues reach US or Europe, these concerns further trouble people there. With several pictures of bony figures being circulated over social media platforms and endless news coverage relevant to terrorism reaching outer countries and abroad, it causes major disturbances and overwhelming concerns for those who must witness the African plight. Major African terrorist groups like Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram have been continuously causing attacks on African soil including the recent Russian jet crash in Egypt (back in December of 2015), left both US and Europe in distress and trepidation over the possibility of ISIS related terrorist approaching EU borders within Europe further.

African pride or political strife

the united nations and the continent of africaBeing African goes beyond having an African ancestry. It means carrying the name with pride and in the same way preserving its cultural values; it means fighting for freedom from oppression; and it means having knowledge of the struggles our previous leaders went through for our freedom and independence. The fight for our freedom has been ongoing for a long time. We have had heroes that politically struggled for our freedom of speech and expression, our freedom of worship, freedom from need and fear, freedom of movement around the world, and freedom of self governance.

Heroes like Nelson Mandela of South Africa and Fela Kuti of Nigeria stand out among the few who represent African pride models today. Mandela spent most of his youthful years fighting for the freedom of blacks and colored people in South Africa and around the world. He stood up against the oppression imposed by the government toward the black community; he also spoke up on the need to tackle climate change. Soon after his release from prison, he went on to become the first president of South Africa in a general election involving the entire population.

Nigerian Musician Fela

Fela is a Nigerian musician, multi-instrumentalist, composer and politician. He was imprisoned several times and constantly harassed for speaking against the government. He mostly plays and records with his band, making him a huge message influence force in Nigeria and Africa at large. He is loved by the masses because his music speaks directly to the downtrodden and poor, which were targets of the military government who exploited and disenfranchised them.

We also have African-American activists who have spoken-out against unjust treatment of blacks who have spent most of their lives pursuing equality and justice for black Americans. Examples are Malcolm X, a human right activist; N.W.A. which is a hip hop group from Compton, California, that constantly has spoken out against police brutality within the black community; and Martin Luther King Jr. who rallied early 1960’s American Blacks to gain civil rights freedom. These activists have greatly influenced the way blacks are now viewed all around the world. Political strife may appear in all forms although the results of real change happens when pride becomes a worthy value to the victims who are involved.