Check out some African entertainers looking out for Africa

entertainers becoming representatives for africaSome African celebrities have been involved in raising awareness and addressing the issue of plight in their own African continent. These actors have been working towards making a change in Africa and not merely working to get recognized through the media or for press coverage. Some of these actors include:

Alek Wek

A famous model from the Sudan, is also the founder of “Alek Wek‘s Journey Home”. She has been involved in humanitarian functions. This includes supporting the activities of UNHCR in launching its programs in concerning education provision, health care provision, and agriculture education in South Sudan. Through her ‘Journey Home’ foundation, she has been able to help over 700 000 people rebuild their lives. She has been helpful to many Sudanese people during the period of the same conflict.


She is a famous African film star and a musician from Nigeria. Waje is the founder of “Waje Safe House” which targets to help women and children in Africa. Since the organization is geared for non-profit activities, all its resources are utilized in making a change in the continent. Through her organization, Waje has seen many school programs supported through funding and materials such as furniture, books, and vehicles. It is through her organization, that strong support for women helps implement different programs in local Nigerian hospitals to serve women, for example, MEDIC (Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children)

Ephrem Solomon

He is an African actor from Ethiopia who has lately shown interest in civic education and social change. Ephrem Solomon has been acting like an activist who fights for the rights of the governed. He has been addressing the issues affecting the Ethiopian and African people as a result of poor leadership.

alek wek and waje making a difference for the little guyWhile many African actors and entertainers have been supportive to their local towns and cities throughout the continent, some remain too unwilling or uncaring to speak out. While there are still those who have already [alek wek and waje making a difference for the little guy]  implement numerous programs to support education, health care, address poverty, and to care for the orphans and the disabled.

However, there are some African actors and singers who only look to get recognition in the public through press coverage. That hasn’t stopped many actors that have been assuming the role of support for different communities and activities through funding or provision in order to be recognized. Thus, more people globally have been able to become more aware of the current problems. Perhaps later this may help Africans indirectly, and that’s a small step which still makes a difference for everyone involved.

Does it take an entire village to raise one nation?

Maya Angelo, the great American poet and civil right activist once said: "I'm overwhelmed by the grace and persistence of my people." Black people from all over the world are still fighting for the equality and justice with pride that can't be denied, only admired. Whether we want to see the truth about Africa or not, Africans are still fighting for basic human rights. It's interesting that we all came from Africa, and now we are all running away from the continent that is ruled by poverty and lack of resources.

Why is Africa still struggling?

When we talk about the beautiful and largest continent in the world, we talk about a lack of human rights, poverty, corruption, HIV, but we forget to focus on a single root of all issues, and that is education. According to the United Nations data, no country has achieved economic growth without at least 40% of literacy rate. It seems like we forget why education matters so much and why going to a school should be a reality not a dream for children of Africa.

A lot of African American celebrities are using their voices to speak about human rights in Africa and the importance of education. A positive and inspiring example comes from Oprah Winfrey, who recognized the need for education amongst young girls in Africa. This American media proprietor and philanthropist opened the Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, realizing the importance of education for empowerment of these young women. Education is power! Education should be perceived as a one-way ticket out of poverty, and it could be a great tool for Africa where a half of population lives on less than $1 a day.

leadership academy foundation for african educationIf we want strong and powerful Africa, we have to know that every village in Africa matters, every country in Africa should get the necessary support and every child in Africa has a right to education. Education is the best investment for a strong and healthy nation. That's exactly what we need today in Africa. As Nelson Mandela said: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."