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African slots and fun casino gamesWelcome to, where hunting down the best of African themed casino slot machines never endangers the wild beauty of Africa itself.

You’ll find plenty of free demo video slots that cover a wide menagerie of animal colors and themes. Don’t be surprised if some of these fantastic video slots appear to jump-off the screen and into your arms either, free video slots like these are the perfect hunting ground to see your big game winning potential! You can only play these fun play slots right here with the intention of playing for demo credits and not any real money. To bet any real money you can find easy links to our casino partners offering the very best sign-up offers available.

Want to know more about what Africa represents, despite the impression that most people might have? There are too many stories that give this super-sized continent a bad name long before most of us have a change to see the incredible beauty it has hidden. Along with such an exciting history filled with mystery, adventure, and intrigue which adds pepper to a very spicy dish, Africa remains one of the last remaining wild animal reserves in the world.

And aside from all those dangers that have been a daily challenge both for those who live there and those who visit Africa, we still hear about illegal hunting and poaching of endangered animals for their ivory and skins. also helps you learn about some of the highlights and history of Africa with some influence that comes from mainstream films too. Some of these movies can be funny, some adventurous, and some tell a story of great persistence of courage!

One such film you might recall entitled: “The Gods must be Crazy” was an exclusive production on South Africa (which was financed only from local sources) became the top commercially successful film ever produced in the history of South African film production. Less can be said for the futuristic “CHAPPie” film which portrays South Africa as being crime-riddled with dangerous gangsters lurking everywhere.

Whatever impression Africa has for you should always include the spirit of adventure where anything can happen. As it was eons ago, much of this mighty untouched land offers a sneak peek into the origins of early man and the fight between man and beast. If you search for the excitement that only comes deep within the African veldt itself, has something fun for everyone!      

How did Africa become the heart of the world?

The African culture is so full of life, adventure and no shortage of incredible sights. Being such a special place already, this is one of the reasons why people love to explore our this continent. It’s also rated among the top destinations in the world. Africans especially- South Africans, love these kinds of escapades -and this is just one of the reasons why our website has gained recognition through the years. Indeed, we’re pretty hard to beat when it comes to fun play online slot games. But we also have a goal to integrate the African culture with the adventurous feeling associated with gaming. It’s simply two thrilling forms of fun that go great together. Another point that we strive to make, involves all the Africans living in harmony within our community too. Our team ensures that we don’t lose that aspect of our culture.

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Alice Barlow - Content Administrator

Needless to say, what is it that requires a person to have an unlimited online gaming expertise. Well that would be our administrator- who’s been playing online games since she can remember. Her dad was mostly responsible for buying her the latest games which made her a pro. When Alice discovered the amazing fun that slot machines could offer, she is a force to reckon with when it comes to hundreds of online games over the years. She blends skill with simple strategy to help our readers acquire new and easy ways to win easier from games of chance. Much of the content here blends just the right amount of information from her personal experience.

Nombeko Damant - Chief Editor

Our chief editor is a native South African. He loves cultural dance, traditional food and above all,

keeping in-touch with his tribal roots. While studying at the university he learned all about slot machines from online gaming. Besides having a Master's degree in English Literature, his personal research and online interests afforded him to combine the two. What you have as a result is the perfect candidate for a chief editor to work his magic. With editorial skills helping to ensure that all our content is not only factual, but entertaining and informative. Nombeko simply has a way of adding that great little twist of culture to all of our content. His passion for online gaming also inspires others to always be open to the newest forms of gaming information available.

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This is our youngest member in the team who carries a major responsibility. She is witty, sharp, and obviously a native English speaker. Her responsibility is to ensure that we get clear, easy to read and the most accurate information for our readers. Her work involves a lot of research on what is currently trending, and the latest breaking news concerning the SA online gaming scene. Katie works with a collective pool of online writers with the responsibility to pick and choose which stories you might like to hear about, and the upcoming casinos which offer the newest games. In other words- she’s your best source to get all there is when it comes to the most entertaining online gaming articles.

Just how do we select our content?

The moment you visit a website like ours, you immediately see a bit a difference over many sites that offer free slot games and informative articles. There’s a bit of everything that might appeal to lots of people, but not so much that too many chefs spoil the soup... After all the information has been researched and analyzed, our writing team gets right to work. Once those articles are finished, they’re sent to Nombeko (our boss) who always gives final permission to post them to the website. If you’ve got a good tip on South African slot games we haven’t covered, or something about the South African culture that we didn’t include- let us know on our contact page!

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